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Confused about cloth nappies?

There are a huge range of different modern cloth nappy styles on the market, and picking the right one for you and your baby can be a real challenge.  Let us help you, but giving you personalised cloth nappy advice and information.  Get started now, by filling in our form now, click here to start.

Worried about leaks?

One of the big concerns for parents looking to use cloth nappies, is just how reliable they will be.  Friends or family may have shared stories of leaky, unreliable nappies.  Our nappies are all designed with deep leg guards and double gussets that have been tried and tested and proved to cut down on the chance of leaks.  In fact our modern cloth nappies are more reliable than disposable nappies.

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 Concerned about the cost of modern cloth nappies?

The initial cost of setting yourself up in cloth nappies can be huge, and although it leads to savings in the long run, no one wants to make a costly purchase that they later regret. There are cheaper options on the market, but how do  you know that you're not buying a cheap nappy that just won't do the job?  

Our nappies have all been vigorously tried and tested, and are designed based on over seven years of experience in the modern cloth nappy business. Although cheaper than many comparable nappies on the market, our nappies are a premium product at a really competitive price, and offer real value for money.  We guarantee our nappies for a full 12 months against manufacturing defects as long as they have been cared for properly.

We also offer value for money nappy packs that will really help to save you money, buy now here.

Shipping is a flat rate of $5 for New Zealand customers, and free if you live in Dunedin or spend over $150 on your order.


Thinking about cloth nappies? Then think about Nappyneedz. 

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